Mad Money Challenge - Stock Picking Game

Here's something interesting from the Cramer Camp, a Mad Money Challenge fictional stock picking game to take place from October to December. I've got to admit his marketing "squad" is pretty good. Imagine all the data of the show's fans they will have after all of them sign up for this game. Can you say "opt-out"?

I'm not reversing what I've already said about Jim and his show, however these games can be fun for the passive and boring long-term investor. I had to play one of these in an Investing class in college. While I didn't win the highest return in the 3 months during the course. I can say that I was up over 200%, when I went back five years later and looked up the portfolio on Yahoo! Finance that I created to track my investments (considering only that I purchased 1 share of each stock). I should go back and check to see where I would be today!

UPDATE 10/05/05: The Mad Money Challenge starts tomorrow!!


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