Why Take a Cab?

For those of you folks who don't live in a major metropolitian city, either be thankful and laugh at us or don't read on...

My girlfriend and I go out about once a week. Not that we go out to expensive restaurants all of the time, but we may walk to a bookstore, the lake, a street festival, or a restaurant for dinner. This is great when the location of these destinations are a six block walk or under and my girlfriend does not have to get dressed up (like she would if going out to dinner or out for a couple of drinks with friends).

However, when she gets dressed up she always requests to take a cab from where we live...even if it is a 4 block walk. It happened this past weekend and of course, I said "what the heck, can't you buy shoes that look good when you are dressed up and are also COMFORTABLE to walk in (and stand in!)." Then she pouted at me, explaining that once in awhile she wants to "dress to impress" and go out, which includes wearing high heels. She insisted we take a cab and I wanted to walk 5 blocks to the El (elevated train, read: subway). Parking was not an option. Taking a cab would have run us about $10 bucks. However, if we walked to the El it would have cost us $3.50!!! So we negotiated (I would like to say I won, but she wouldn't let me get away with that!), and took a bus that stops right outside my building for 5 blocks and then got on the El. The additional jaunt on the bus is considered a transfer so it only added 50 cents, which brought our one way traveling cost to $4.

So we saved roughly $14, by taking the bus and an El to the restaurant and then reversing it on the way home. This doesn't seem to be an abnormal choice either, as there were a lot of people dressed up to go out on the El. Imagine the savings if 2 times a month we went to places that we could not walk to. Oh wait, I don't have to imagine...I just have to open the calculator and punch in the numbers.....$336.

By the way, we went to Rock Bottom Brewery, they have quite a few locations throughout the nation, and their Rocktoberfest special brew (brewed onsite) was absolutely splendid! The food is very good for the price as well. We ended up meeting a group for 8 and had a great time.


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