U2 is the Bomb!

I had the opportunity to see one of the best bands of my time. Yep, that's right I went to the U2 concert last night (thanks Sis!)

I have liked U2's music for quite awhile now and this was the first time I was able to see them in concert. Usually, I am a cheapo when it comes to concerts. I would rather not pay high ticket prices to go see a band, usually no matter who it is. However, these were at face value and in my opinion U2 ranks easily in the top 3 bands of my time. So what did this splurge cost me:

$108.00 for a pair of tix
$13 for parking
$6 for a six pack of beer to tailgate (split with girlfriend...I didn't want to pay the rip-off price inside too many times!)
$28 for 4 beers (yes, you read that right, $7.00 a piece, of which I had two)
$35 for U2 t-shirt (come on it was my first U2 concert!)
$190 total for two.....OUCH!

All in all this hurt the wallet, but it was one of those great experiences in life. We even had cool people sitting next to us...Andrew W. and Liz were having a blast as well, especially since Andrew got to hear the two main songs he wanted to hear (Sunday Bloody Sunday and One)!

So who goes to a plethora of concerts and who is a lot like me and doesn't? Speak yo mind!


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