We elected to go out for an early dinner on Sunday. No, it wasn't in the budget, but by ordering only entrees and drinking water we only spent $16.74 between my girlfriend and I.

At the restaurant, they had trivia cards to keep you entertained during your meal. One of the questions was:

Although you would think this would be an uncommon affiliction, chrematophobics have a fear of __________.

a. walking
b. success
c. love
d. money
e. sitting

According to the verbiage I guessed "sitting". However to my surprise it was "money". This got me to thinking, there are some people of who have a fear of money? To get a further clarification, I got a definition from one of the online dictionaries. The definition of chrematophobia is "a fear of money, wealth". Wow, in this society there are people that are afraid of wealth? With how consumer-centric our society has become with spending money on things we can't even afford (read: the average consumer debt has been growing at a sickening rate), I would think that this really would be a sickness.

However, I personally, and think a lot of people would be in my camp, have a fear of not being wealthy. I have seen my parents unexpectedly fall to a one income household, just 5 years before retirement and have vowed to myself that I would better position myself so I did not have the financial worries that they currently have.

For those who have a fear of wealth, I hope your can overcome it. For those who are like me and have a fear of not being wealthy, I hope you can achieve all your financial goals.


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