Making Food at Home to Save Money

I sat down with the girlfriend on Sunday to go over what food we should buy for the week. For the last couple of weeks, we've had the problem of buying a bunch of food and not eating it before it has gone bad. Therefore, we sat down together and planned all of our meals for the week. This included Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for each day. Seeing as I am the cook and the person with the most time in the morning, all of the preparing and cooking falls on me! However, to be fair, we sat down together and decided what we would eat for the week.

This has worked real well so far (yep, only 2 days). On Sunday we spent $87 on groceries (for two people, lasting through next Sunday morning). It's not that frugal, but it's a start compared to Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Fast food lunch, and "whatever" for dinner, which usually meant eating out. It's been great to come home from work and know exactly what I am cooking that night. Also, who knew a filet mignon from the grocery store for $3.50 each would taste so good!! Better than paying $38.95 at a steakhouse.


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