Back from a long weekend - Gas Prices and Quitting Smoking

Went out of town for a long weekend as a friend of mine and I went fishing for 3 days. We had another friend let us use a bigger truck and boat (yes to go fishing!). With gas between $2.70 and $2.80 during our drive...the cost of gas hurt the Kostanza in my back pocket (Seinfeld reference). It ended up being about $180.00 in gas for the weekend. That's $90 a person. In one weekend, I spent about 60% of my gas budget for the month. This just ads to the "sell you car campaign" that is currently bouncing back and forth in my head.

On another note, today is my first day without a smoke. I smoked almost a pack a day and have decided to quit cold turkey (for the 4th time, I think). Rationale for this decision is based upon a few things:
1) Parents are nagging me.
2) An acquantance from college recently developed Stage IV lung cancer.
3) The FV of my smoking habit if put away for 30 years at 8% a year is $194,393.99!!!!
4) Yes I will say it....Peter Jennings dying of Lung Cancer because he was a smoker (even though he quit and picked back up during 9/11).

Expenses for today:
Coffee for girlfriend and myself = $3.26 (I need to get off my lazy but and make coffee in the morning!!)
Lunch = $4.22 (I usually make lunches but got lazy the last couple of days)
Supplies = $6.38 ((water bottle, air freshener (for car, because I may sell it), and packs of gum (oral fixation habit from quitting smoking))


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