The Cost of Vision -- Eyeglasses and Contacts

My girlfriend needed to get a new eye prescription as her eyes had been bothering her for the last week. The company she works for does not have vision benefits (not even discounts at certain providers), so she wanted to go to Pearle Vision (a franchise eye exam and eyewear store). The last time her eyes were checked was just over a year ago and sure enough her prescription changed a little bit.

After her eye exam, she was told to select which frames she wanted to purchase. The least expensive frames (without lenses) were $109.99, with the pair she really liked at $199.99. As she was pondering which pair to get, I suggested we go to Costco, where I have a membership. I told her my mom and sister always got their glasses at Costco because they were a lot less expensive. So she paid for her eye exam and took the prescription to Costco. On our way out we asked how much the contacts would cost and they said $27 per box.

At Costco, my girlfriend found eyeglasses she really liked. They were a name brand and combined with lightweight carbonate lenses and anti-glare coating cost a total of $175.01. If she were to order even the cheapest set of glasses with the same option at Pearle Vision it would have at least cost $225. Add $80, if she purchased the glasses she really wanted. Also, we purchased contacts which for the exact same brand were only $13.95, compared to the $27 at Pearle Vision.

Adding up the cost of glasses and contact lenses and supplies for one year, she will be saving major bucks in the future. As of now, I thank my parents for giving me better than perfect vision so I don't have to worry about this!!


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