Buying a Car on Ebay

Here's some insanity from the USA Today regarding purchasing a car from Ebay.

Here's a couple of notes from it:

1) EBay Motors has sold more than 1 million cars since 2000.
2) Although eBay won't say how many cars it expects to sell this year, it says a car is sold through eBay Motors every minute.
3) Nearly 75% (of these cars) are sold to long-distance buyers.
4) EBay says a Corvette is sold on the site every 47 minutes.

This is just insane. I will never buy a car sight unseen (pics on the internet don't count!). Being a mechanical person I can scrutinize a car better than the folks over at CarMax.

Would you ever consider buying a car from Ebay Motors?


At 8/30/2005 08:43:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend sold her truck on Ebay. The father and son drove out from NJ to VA to see it before the purchase.


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