Forget the Hybrids, check out Diesels

Kiplinger's has a pretty good article on Diesel vehicles and how you can recoup their mileage savings from the upcharge the dealer charges for the diesel engine option quicker than hybrids. I recently had a discussion with a good friend on this exact topic as he was considering purchasing a recently used TDI (diesel) Volkswagen. It makes perfect sense to me. I'd especially like the Mercedes E series diesel. Hey, one can always dream!


At 11/26/2005 07:59:00 PM, Blogger Dus10 D said...

This is a great topic. Many people have gone hybrid crazy. Maybe the resale value will be higher, but the hybrid options are through the roof. GM's full-sized trucks all have a $7K hybrid option that you will only realize if gas prices jump up to about $5/gallon. I wouldn't be praying for that. Anyhow, I have posted various thoughts about hybrid technology on my original blog, Conservative Conservationist. There are some interesting entry-level options on the horizon that will be much cheaper. I have all discussed alternate fuel options such as E85, and biodeisel.


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